IDSBA Policy Regarding Use of Images of Original Artwork Online
March 7, 2012

IDSBA maintains a website online at IDSBA displays images of artwork created by its members on the site in support of the organization’s stated mission “to promote public awareness of contemporary botanical art, to honoring its traditions, and to furthering its development”. Online publication of images of its members’ artwork also supports the ASBA vision “of recognizing and encouraging the highest standards of botanical art created by its members; of creating an awareness of botanical art as a living art form; of acknowledging the power of botanical art to communicate the importance of plants to our world whether through conservation, science, horticulture or agriculture; of passing this art form and its techniques on to the next generation of botanical artists; and of expanding the view of botanical art while honoring its rich tradition and history.”ASBA encourages its members to gain broader exposure for their art by displaying images of their work on the site. All members are eligible to participate in the Member Gallery and New Works Gallery. ASBA will also accept for consideration images of two-dimensional original botanical art (no photography, no digitally generated work, and no three-dimensional works) created by its members for display elsewhere on the site. ASBA strives to represent a broad cross-section of the membership’s work online while recognizing and encouraging the highest standards sought by the organization. Selection of images for use on the site is at the sole discretion of the Webmaster, Website Committee, and designated Content Managers.ASBA respects the intellectual property rights of its member artists, obtains permission for use of artists’ works online, credits the artists for their work, and displays copyright notices for images that are shown.This policy re-iterates the ASBA Call for Entry wherein it is stated that images submitted for an exhibition in response thereto may be used in publicity for the exhibition and may be used on the website for promoting the exhibition before, during, and after its run without further permission being sought.It is occasionally desirable to crop the image of an artwork for use online, and in such cases approval will be obtained from the artist prior to publishing cropped artwork on the site.ASBA takes reasonable precautions subject to the limitations of existing technology to deter copyright infringement and guard against improper use of images that appear on the site but is not responsible for unlawful actions of others outside its control.Any comments, concerns, or suggestions regarding this policy or the display of a particular image or images may be directed to

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