Starting from a small group of botanical art lovers who met in cyberspace and several activities to learn botanical painting, the Indonesian Society of Botanical Artists (IDSBA) was officially founded at Bogor, on November 20, 2017, by Eunike Nugroho and Jenny Kartawinata.

IDSBA membership is open to the public. Anyone interested in botanical art at any skill level or background can become a member. Now, IDSBA members include botanical artists, botanical illustrators, botanists, biologists, and plant lovers in Indonesia and abroad.

Vision and Mission

IDSBA was created with the vision to increase knowledge and awareness of the high value of botanical art community in Indonesia, but also to spread the knowledge and appreciation of Indonesia’s plant diversity. IDSBA strives to be a supportive forum for its members to develop themselves and ensure the continuation of botanical art in Indonesia by providing a platform that challenges members to improve their aesthetic abilities, broaden their botanical knowledge, share ideas and information related to botanical art. Through IDSBA, we hope to increase public awareness and appreciation of botanical arts and Indonesia’s biodiversity.

IDSBA also builds connections between members and other communities, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and botanical arts associations abroad.

Platycerium ridleyii Christ

Platycerium ridleyii Christ

Watercolor on paper

42 x 29,7 cm

© 2019 Irene Ng


Besides holding exhibitions, such as the Indonesian Flora Diversity Exhibition in Botanical Art Worldwide, an international event by 25 countries in May 2018, IDSBA also has various routine activities such as art gatherings (painting day), workshops, and socialization of botanical art. Even though they are spread in various cities, members can connect through Whatsapp groups and engage in intense discussions about different things related to botanical art, from drawing/painting techniques, plant identification to current issues in botanical art and science.

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